If you have any cold/flu symptoms on the day of the event, stay home.

Members Only

You must be a member in order to attend an event. To get a "conditional" membership, complete the orientation and application at least 72 hours before your first event.

Advance Registration Appreciated

It's quick and easy to register for the next event. This helps organizers get an idea of how many Jacks to prepare for. If you forget and just show up, that's fine, as long as you are a member. If you register and then are unable to attend, that's fine, too.

Arrive on Time and Prepare

A Jacks event is not an open house. Plan to arrive during the "arrival window." After a brief grace period, the door will be closed to latecomers.

A Jacks representative will welcome you with open arms and put you at ease. He'll verify your membership, note your arrival, and answer any questions you have. If it's your second event, he'll change your membership status from "conditional" to "official"

Then check in at the venue and pay your admission fee. You'll have an opportunity there to secure your valuables and clothes.

Strip down, except for requisite footwear. Most Jacks will strip completely naked. If you've got some fetish gear you'd like to wear, or you're just not quite ready to bare it all, you only need to strip from the waist up or the waist down to enter the play space. 

Enter the Play Space

Remember to follow the code of conduct. If you are asked to leave, your membership status will either remain (or return to) "conditional," or it will be permanently "revoked".

If you're still nervous, you can take your time to acclimate. Just be a voyeur and then jump into the action when you feel ready.

You'll find the optional, color coded wristbands, as well as washable markers. If you like, you can ask another Jack to write something on your body with a marker. It could be your name, membership number, or something to prompt physical interaction, like "play with my nipples."

More information coming.

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