Any man age 18 or older is eligible to apply for membership. There are three easy steps.

There is no cost to join. There is a fee for admission to an event, and a small donation (TBD) is suggested to cover the cost of lube and other items.

If you have a question, email

1) Complete the Orientation

Click on the button for each topic. When you have reviewed all the information, you may apply for a conditional membership.

Bators have their own language and customs. If this is all new to you, become familiar with these things and you'll fit right in.

It's normal to be nervous when you go to your first event. Learn what to expect.

Your risk of acquiring a sexually transmitted disease (STD) depends on your behavior. 

We depend on the commitment of every Jack to follow this code. Study it carefully.

2) Apply for Membership

After you have completed the orientation and carefully studied the code of conduct, you may apply for a conditional membership. This is the initial step to become an official member, and required in order to attend a PSJ event. Allow 72 hours to receive an email with confirmation of membership or a request for you to take further action. 

Opens in new tab/window.

3) Stay Informed

This step is optional. To stay informed about upcoming events, we recommend you subscribe to our Google group, follow us on Twitter, or access our channel on Discord .

You must first become a member of the club in order to be added to this Listserv.