We greatly appreciate volunteers. Your admission fee is waived when you are chosen to serve at an event, but opportunities are limited.

You must have attended at least one event, and you must be willing to arrive early (6:30PM) and stay to the end (rarely later).

The job of every volunteer is to make each member feel welcome on arrival, and safe within the playspace. Smile, make eye contact, say "welcome," and nicely correct behavior that is inconsistent with the code of conduct.

The night begins with a volunteer huddle, including introductions, distribution of lanyards, and the assignment of positions. 

Greeter (2)

The greeter is positioned at the entrance of the club to welcome members, note their arrival, and get them excited! 

Clothes Check (2)

This is a fast paced position, tagging and organizing bags, and providing each member with an identifying wristband.

Information (1)

Positioned between the clothes check and the entrance to the lounge, there are always questions about where to find the lockers, lube, water, bathrooms...or the clothes check they just passed.

Lube and water station (2)

Prepare small cups of lube, make sure water is easily accessible, and keep the station clean and tidy.

When the door closes at 8PM, one volunteer must remain in clothes check, and one volunteer must remain at the lube and water station. A tag team approach makes it possible for every volunteer to have some fun in the playspace.

At the end of the event, volunteers are asked to help pick up stray lube cups and pack up supplies.

How to Offer Your Service

If you would like to be notified of an opportunity to volunteer, email Admin@PalmSpringsJacks.org and be sure to include your name, Jack #, and phone number.