Event Registration

If you have any cold/flu symptoms on the day of an event, stay home.

Next Event

Saturday, December 9


Door Opens




Event Ends




541 East Industrial Place

Palm Springs, CA 92264

(760) 808-8092


$12 admission to venue

(debit/credit card)

includes clothes check

$2 suggested cash donation to PSJ

Limited bottled water provided. Bring your own as well.

After-event Gathering

Tool Shed

600 East Sunny Dunes Road

Palm Springs, CA 92264



Join First

You must be a member in order to attend an event. To get a "conditional" membership, complete the orientation and application at least 72 hours before your first event. We're not kidding.

Register in Advance

You must register in advance, no later than the day prior to the event. Capacity is quite large, but it is limited. Use the same email address you provided when you joined. If you don't know your Jack #, email PalmSringsJacks@gmail.com. Allow 24 hours for a response.

Arrive Prepared and on Time

A Jacks event is not an open house. Plan to arrive during the arrival window, from 11:30AM to 12:15PM. The door will be closed to latecomers.

Things to bring:

Use of poppers is permitted, but may be limited to a designated area.

Pay Up and Strip Down!

Masturbate, Ejaculate, and Celebrate!

Inside the playspace, remember to follow the code of conduct while you masturbate, ejaculate, and celebrate the penis with your brothers. A third Jacks volunteer will be present to answer questions. He will also check to be sure the code of conduct is followed. If he asks you to modify your behavior or leave the event, please do so. There will be no refunds.

Clean Up

If you chose to wear one or two wristbands, return them to the "dirty" container for disinfection. Make sure you throw away your lube cup in the proper container.

Socialize at the Nearby Toolshed

The nearby Toolshed will be the unofficial gathering place to socialize after the event.