Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is designed to fulfill the Palm Springs Jacks (PSJ) mission, and is subject to change. You will be asked to leave an event for failing to follow the code or exhibiting inappropriate behavior, and you may also be denied entry to future events. 

Click on each heading below and read the full explanation!

Get Consent, Respect Boundaries

Always ask another Jack for his consent BEFORE you let your hand, other body part, or semen make physical contact with ANY part of him. DO NOT simultaneously reach and ask with the assumption the answer will be yes! Ask first. Get your answer. Then reach and touch if the answer is yes.

Never question someone's choice to withhold consent.

Bate, Don't Penetrate

Masturbation, exhibitionism, and voyeurism is always acceptable. Mutual masturbation, hugging, rubbing, kissing, and nipple play are also acceptable, with consent.

No oral/genital, oral/anal, genital/anal, or digital/anal penetration is allowed. Save this for an ordinary sex party.

No "lips below the hips."

With consent, members may ejaculate onto each other (face or body), and a Jack may consume another's semen at his own risk, as long as there is no penetration and no "lips below the hips".

Strip Down

Aside from footwear, to be worn for safety and hygiene, getting naked is encouraged. The minimum requirement is to strip from the waist up or the waist down. This allows for fetish gear, such as a leather harness, jockstrap, or dress shirt and tie. Hats/caps are also welcome.

Stay Sober

No alcohol or drugs are allowed. Do not arrive under the influence of either.

Talk Dirty, Not Politics

Talking dirty (even about sex acts that are not necessarily allowed at the event) or using words that many bators love to hear, like "penis" or "masturbate," is welcome. Conversations about politics, recipes, and knitting are not welcome. 

Wash Up Before, Clean Up After

Neither "manscent" nor cologne is appreciated by everyone. Arrive freshly showered to an event. If you ejaculate, and your sperm landed somewhere other than another Jack (with his consent), be sure to clean it up.

Maintain Confidentiality

Do not reveal the identity of a Jack to anyone outside the club.

Phones and cameras are not allowed.