Other Events

These are NOT Palm Springs Jacks events, but may be of interest to our members. They have their own codes of conduct, and may or may not be limited to masturbation. 

Saturday, May 4th: Hump! Film Festival

6:30PM and 9PM

Camelot Theatres

A short film by Dr Jallen Rix is among those presented. 

"I'll be attending the showings and I'd love to see you there to celebrate the wild and diverse artistic creativity of erotic films!" - Jallen

View a trailer and buy tickets at:


Sunday, May 5th: A Chillin' Play Party

2PM - 5PM (doors close at 2:30PM)

Cathedral City Cove (address provided after ticket purchase)

Hosts, Dr Jallen Rix and Father Marc

Father Marc & Dr. Jallen invite you and 50 other guys in a beautiful nudist backyard with a pool, hot tub, a sling, porn, outdoors showers, the masturbatorium, and plenty of room to let your sexual desires run wild. Lay by the pool. Sit in the hot tub. Stroke your phallus open and shamelessly, give that blowjob you’re thinking of, and maybe the guy in the sling is ready to be plowed, all under the Palm Springs sun.

To accommodate this backyard, we will limit the number of goers to first-cum, first-serve tickets you may purchase for $20 (the low price for any day pass at local resorts). Get your ticket here:





The garage door will be open from 2pm to 2:30pm, at which point it will be locked and no one else can get in. So don’t be late.

Since this is a play party, we are asking that everyone be extra aware of your health. Perhaps it’s time to get a spread of STI tests. If you are feeling at all under the weather, please stay home. Thank you for taking care of yourself and thereby taking care of all of us. Take advantage of a free, confidential, and accessible STI testing and treatment at PS Test, where they are dedicated to providing comprehensive sexual health services to individuals in our community. Their experienced and compassionate team offers a wide range of testing options, including rapid tests for common STIs. With their commitment to privacy, convenience, and professional care, PS Test provides high-quality STI testing and treatment. Don't compromise your sexual health - please consider using PS Test for free, reliable, and confidential services. Learn more here.


We ask you to use your words and eye contact to ask consent before you touch. We ask that your “No thank you" be respectful and caring.

All self-identified men are welcome regardless of shape, size, adult age, looks, ability, skill level, labels, whether you get hard or not, or whether you cum or not. Rather than performance being the goal, PLEASURE is the goal. Let that guide you and let go of any pressure to be something that you are not, in the moment.

Poppers, pot, and minimal alcohol are permitted in this space. Any other drugs are not permitted.

This will be an outdoor party, in the privacy of someone’s backyard. There will be an indoor bathroom available to us, but you can also pee in the flowerbeds, rock gardens and other outdoor areas.

These guidelines are in place so that everyone can feel as safe and free as possible. What happens at these events and with whom is completely confidential - thank you or respecting each others privacy.

Tickets will go fast so get‘m while you can here: 


May 17-19: Cock Summits 2024

San Diego vicinity

Host, Dr Jallen Rix

Hey bator brothers! I'm sure most of you know about the Cock Summits I facilitate (some of you have attended them), but I wanted to be sure y'all are invited.

Just imagine a desert oasis outside of San Diego all to ourselves to bate under the summer sun and around a camp fire - naked hard and unashamed with 30 - 50 other guys stroking their dicks as well. It's the summer camp fantasy cum to life, with rustic accommodations, a pool, hiking, hot tub, even a little steam room!

It's next month, May 17-19. We'd love to welcome each and every one of you to spend the weekend with us being a part of a bator tribe of self-pleasuring brothers! All are welcome regardless of size, age, looks, hardness, ability, labels - whatever! You will be accepted here.

If you've never had such an experience, you owe it to yourself and your pleasure to lose your shame (and your clothes) and pull your dick out with us! We often have a group of guys carpooling from the PS area. Email me with questions, and you can also find everything you need - more info, photos, registration - here:


Hope to see you there with our cocks out, shooting to the sky!

Dr. Jallen Rix