Member comments about our innaugural event:

"I felt like I was part of a new brotherhood that I’ve never experienced before and only wished for in the past."

"The space allowed for both public and private interactions. It felt very safe and secure. I liked that everyone asked permission, responded nicely no matter what the answer was...the volunteers were friendly and everyone smiled!"

"Everyone was friendly, there was no pressure and no attitude of any type."

"Good camaraderie, people seemed friendly and inclusive, good sexual energy. Witnessed people asking others for permission and asking for what they wanted. Good respect. Volunteers kept things easy going and organized. Kudos."

"Easy registration, easy parking, fantastic venue, welcoming and super hot volunteers, a variety of dudes, and very friendly, complimentary Bator Balm, handy cleanup areas, hot, hot, hot!"

"The staff was welcoming, nonjudgmental, and elevated the social masturbation experience to one of mutual respect and appreciation of our own and each other’s erotic energy. Creating a “safe space” (from STI) with a respected code of conduct certainly intensifies the experience, and makes it more appealing to a guy who might otherwise find “sex play” gatherings to be intimidating, threatening, or a violation of his space."